A bit about me



"They're just dead and they won't hurt you".  That was my mom's motto when I was small.  It wasn't always easy growing up seeing and hearing people who weren't there.  During my teen years I did my best to hide this "gift" as I saw it more of a curse.  It took until my early twenties and my husband's help to see that I could help people with the gift I have been given.  I chose to embrace it and I enjoy reading for people whenever possible.

 I have been featured on Channel 12 News during their Halloween Special and Para-X internet radio station. I have done investigations at the Elisha Morgan Farm Mansion in Fairfield, Ohio., the Butler County Historical Society "Benninghofen House", and many private residences around the Butler County area.

I enjoy historical locations, antique stores, spending time with my husband and our pets.


Butler County Historical Society


The Paranormal View